Broadband Speed Issues

Slow speed? Try this

Broadband speeds always vary, this can be due to many factors, some you can’t control and some you can.

Below are just a few points to help you get the most out of your internet connection.

Restart Your Equipment

Some devices may operate slower over long periods of time of being connected, so powering off and on again gives the router/device a chance to refresh itself and reconnect.

This is especially important after updates and configuration changes.

Run Speed Tests

Speed test can give you a good indication of what speed your currently receiving however before you run them, you need to ensure your network is at its best.

To get a good reading on speed, perform speed tests from a device that is wired to the router while there are no active users on the network to reduce the chance of slowdown and provide more accurate speeds. The last thing you want is a poor speed test result which is down to a colleague stream videos and download larger files.

Wired or Wi-Fi

Wired connections offer the most consistent type of connection, sending the data through the cable directly to your device without risk of interference or range, however its not always convenient to be wired in at one place all the time.

Wireless connections offer more flexibly, however have a higher chance of providing a lower connection speed due to interference from other electrical devices such as wireless phones, microwaves etc as well as obstacles such as thick stone walls between your device and the router.

If your experiencing slow speed, its best to disconnect everything from the network, connect an ethernet cable to the router and plug the other end in to your device and run tests this way. This eliminates potential issues with being on WIFI.

Know Your Devices/Users

Having the fastest internet possible is great, but knowing what is connecting and what people are doing are vital for any business.

The connection speed can be limited by a device/user/software accessing the internet using the available bandwidth without your knowledge, resulting in all users having a poor experience.

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