Broadband Connection Issues

In the unfortunate event that your ADSL2+ Broadband or Superfast Fibre Broadband connection drops out, we have put together help and tips below that we need you to do before reporting a fault which should help to get you connected.

Restart Your Equipment

It sounds really basic doesn’t it? Well performing a simple restart on your hardware such as your router allowing it to reconnect to the broadband service in the case that it has dropped out.

Powering off and on your device also helps it reconnect to the router, re-establishing a connection to the internet as well as other devices on your network.

IMPORTANT: Remember, don’t press any RESET buttons that may be on your router as this may wipe the routers configuration and cause more problems – If you are unsure, please consult your devices manufacturer.

Check The Cables

If the router is located in a busy area, connections from the back of the router may have been disturbed and come loose. These cables can be ethernet cables or even the power cable to the router itself causing the connection to drop out.

Simply reconnecting these cables (or ensuring they are plugged in correctly) may help the connection to come back up.

Remove Extension Leads

Extension leads are great for getting your equipment in the right place, however they can also be the cause of drop outs and intermittent connections.

Simply remove the extension lead from powering the router to see if the routers stability improves.

Replace Line/Micro Filter

The line filter, or Micro filter is the little adaptor that fits in to the telephone socket, with a phone lead connecting to the router.

A microfilter is a device that allows your broadband to work at the same time as your phone. Without a filter, or using a faulty filter you may get problems with stability of your connection and interference/noise on the phone line.

Replacing the filter is a simple task that can help fix intermittent connections.

Disconnect Other Equipment

To remove the possibility that other 3rd party equipment and device causing connection problems, remove all unwanted devices from the network.

If you have additional devices such as your own server, firewalls, network switches etc simply remove the connection from these devices.

To test the connection, ideally it should be:
Connection to Master Socket/Phone Socket  Router  Single Device with a wired connection to the router

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure on disconnecting other hardware and devices, please check with your local IT support or the company who provided the products

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