Secure your site with an SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security method which allows for the encryption of data when being transferred over a server.

SSL certificates help to protect the transfer of sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords and usernames and more.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?


While our websites are hosted on secure servers which are monitored & have restricted access, SSL Certificate will secure the public facing part of your website.

This reassures your website users that their details are secure (e.g. placing orders, their address & billing details – even sending an email through a contact form) it can also help with search engine rankings.

A small boost in ranking is awarded to secure websites by Google over unsecure.

How does it work?

SSL certificates utilise two “keys”, a public key & a private key. These work together to establish an encrypted connection.

When viewing a website that doesn’t have an SSL Certificate (a standard http:// website) the content between a browser and a web server is sent as plain text, which can leave you vulnerable to hackers and snoopers.

Secure Browsing

Help protect your data while browsing with a secure site

Secure User Data

Ensure your data when filling out a form or checking out on a site is secure

Better Search Results

Help improve your websites performance within search engines

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